Self reflection or What Does a Diamond Mean

Self reflection or What a diamond means

I saw her diamond ring
And its edges and brightness pricked my soul

As I heard the cries of thousands of mothers
Who have lost their sons to the black depths of mines
And those wives, and husbands who lost each other so that another rich couple could show off their marriage, their status

Do we need a ring to be married?
Does a diamond mean that we love each other?
Is what others think about us so important?
Do they even know that the profits made will be spent to fund civil wars?

I almost feel a sense of hatred towards refraction
And I feel sorry that humanity is burnt to ash and buried in a stone’s shine
And I plead for self reflection

What does a diamond mean?

On a Saturday

Granny used to say
“Shanivaar ko naakhoon mat Kaato.”
Don’t trim your nails on Saturday
She would say it with conviction and seriousness of a judge stating a law.

I would wonder, a bit scared of the consequences.
Then I would think
Don’t the trees grow on a Saturday?
Don’t the bees hum about flowers to collect their nectar?
Do the flowers refuse them on Saturday?
Does the wind no blow?
Does the sun not set?
Does the dying not die?

Then one day, I had trimmed my nails
Because they had grown big and dirty
Then I realised that it was a Saturday
And only one thing that had happened
Was that my nails looked clean and I felt good eating with my hands
Not bothered whether the germs stuck in my finger
Were going to give a stomach disease..

I didn’t tell granny though
She was dead by then.