The Goddess

There she stood, searching
the Kamet cold, clad in snow, trembled under her feet
Her pupil, her hair, her skin
Glowed- black sun in a white universe

She leapt into the airy depths,
and flew for a while amidst the drowsy clouds, Heaven-bound
In the arms of Morpheus,

But before she could complete her journey
Morpheus ditched her and she woke up
And she smiled,
She knew that the gods were scared of her.

What Are You Up To?

There is a kid hoping his dad is gonna bring food tonight
And another in another corner is fighting to get through to tomorrow

A mother is praying that her son might come back to her alive
While her son is behind a gun, shouldering the weight of a nation’s peace

A father has just popped another pill to keep his heart from bursting
Another has just opened a bottle of gin to numb his senses

A kid is riding to his final destination in a stolen car
His girlfriend is in a dilemma whether to give birth to his kid or not

A boy is worried of his belly that he can’t get rid of
A girl is waiting for her new bikini she has ordered

A dreamer is spending a sleepless night to finally make his mark on the world
An old man is on his way to his funeral

A boy is staring at a picture of his boyfriend
A girl is hoping her video to go viral

A car has just collided with a truck, what happened to them, the newspapers will tell us
A house has caught fire when the family was having dinner

A bride is admiring herself in the mirror
A husband has just slapped her wife

Angry people have just set fire to the city
A ruthless dictator has ordered for shoot on sight

A baby has just opened his eyes
Another pulled out of the womb before it was her time

I am sitting in a corner scribbling my thoughts
And you, there, what are you up to?

I hope something nice!

I Want to Love You

I want to love you

I want to love you
Not in any other way
If at all there is any
But in the most human way possible
If I am human enough to do so

I want love you as you are
I want to love you as I am

I want to love you
So that, my love makes you want to love me back
I want to love you as if there’s no other emotion worth harbouring
As if there’s none else to love, but you

I want to love you
So that all you think about in your solitude
Is that I want to love you
All your ears hear
Are the words ‘I want to love you’

I want to love you
I want to love you
I want to love you

I want to love you so
That these words cast on you a spell
Such that all you think about
Is “I want to love you”.