Think about it…

Those That Have Not

Does it not feel wrong
That I have got it all
What I need and what I want
and some haven’t, not even what they need most
How I live my life surrounded by comforts
And some have been denied their share of air

The universe is infinite they say
Yet, there are some who have been denied
Their share of space, their share of life
Is the universe so unfair?
Does it not have space, air, and grains for them?

I don’t know, it sounds a bit arrogant
but it bothers me a bit
Doesn’t it bother you?
Just a little bit
Think about it.

I'm Great

I’ve been loved and betrayed

Called a freak, fattu

Declared selfish

I have been chased by people

I have been experimented upon (yes, imagine that, being someone’s lab rat)

I have been admired and made fool of

I have been rejected

I have been laughed at, made fun of

I have been unheard

I have been let down

And I survived all of that

With a straight, even blank face,

Sometimes with a smile and silence

Sometimes with an act of compassion

Sometimes with a rhyme or a song without music

And today, in this moment

I am still myself, honest to my existence, my god

And it is what makes me me

It makes me great.


She knew she had to escape

There were two lives at stake

Her master wouldn’t let her go

He held on to her passport.

So she ran while he slept with his wife

Shivering, desert wind is cold at night

Until she reached her home in the foreign land

But her people treated her worse than strangers do

They charged her for absconding and put her in jail

Where she remained for nine days

In fear, that her master might find her

Desperate to get away

And she finally did and came back to her country

Where she lives in a tent on a field

And is constantly bothered about how she will feed her master’s child.

O There

O There

O there, my friend
Wherever you are in the midst of this infinite verse
Alone, or with someone
A friend, a foe, a stranger
I want to tell you
That my eyes have shed your tears,
Of joy and woe,
For you
I have lived you
So I want you to live
As yourself, for me, and more for yourself
Until death takes away your life
From this world
And from me
(your death will be mine too)
Or mine from you.